Second Screen Advertising

Televisión ads have been able to create great brands and memorable ads. For its part, the digital audience is increasingly measurable, capable of translating into metrics that allow us to know the user’s behavior to the smallest detail. The union of both “worlds”, television and digital, has so far been an unattainable desire of agencies, televisions, advertisers, etc … but now Adsync360 provides the necessary technology that makes the advertising synergy between TV and digital be possible.

The advertising synergy of TV and the digital

In Adsync360 we provide the solution that allows you to collect the necessary information on television broadcasts to launch an effective online campaign in parallel. In this way the detection of a certain ad on TV in “prime time” can allow us to launch certain campaigns on Google or Facebook, always obtaining an optimal ROI. Advertisers and agencies can now measure and monitor results that integrate offline and online information allowing you to optimize your investment to the maximum.

Adsync360 goes one step further in the advertising industry, with a tool capable of providing information and value this is still unknown.


The so-called second screen advertising is based on the fact, according to Nielsen data, that 95% of users who are watching an ad are also looking at mobile devices.

And what we do is show the same advertisement that is on television on smartphones, in this way, user ends up seeing the same advertisement on the mobile device as on television.

To do this we analyze frame by frame 150 television channels and detect when a specific advertisement comes out. At that time we activated the digital campaigns of both Facebook, Instagram, Adwords, YouTube and Adglow.


By activating the online advertising campaigns and with our television attribution model we can know exactly how many users come due to the advertisement that appears on television and thanks to Google Analytics.

This activation of the advertising campaigns causes the message to be successfully amplified in the online world.