igniteclick Boost provides TV and radio sync technology connecting TV and radio advertising with digital platforms. By using real time detections igniteclick Boost can launch second screen advertising when a brands TV or radio commercial is detected. igniteclick Boost integrates with Facebook and Google. By linking a Facebook or Google campaign with the igniteclick platform, it enables you to control the campaign through igniteclick and automatically increase the advertising bid in real time on the detection of a TV or radio commercial.


igniteclick Wizard is our API for publishers giving them the ability to integrate the igniteclick Boost technology across their portfolio of products. By utilizing the API, publishers can offer TV Sync to their advertisers and generate premium revenue for these types of campaigns. Wizard also provides publishers the ability to detect complete TV ad breaks. This enables them to offer network take overs for the duration of the ad break. Wizard provides publishers with a new advertising format and the ability to offer premium inventory.


igniteclick Sentinel is an attribution tool aggregating TV and radio commercial detections with web traffic, social engagements and app usage. Through cross referencing these data sources clients can see how their TV or radio advertising affects their digital performance. Utilizing this data provides insight and intelligence that will help develop improved media plans and a greater ROI.