Somos una plataforma de sinergia y amplificación publicitaria, y hacemos converger la información offline con las campañas publicitarias online. adSync360 permite a las marcas configurar mensajes en múltiples plataformas aumentando así el engagement e incrementando las conversiones

Adsync360 is associated with Adglow

As of today, Adsync360 offers all social media Adglow services, this includes six new online channels: Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Amazon, Snapchat and Pinterest.

These new online advertising channels significantly improve second-screen advertising, TV Sync, real-time marketing as it reaches a larger potential audience.

In the same way that we use Adglow’s services, Adglow uses our services so that we all benefit.

Path51 to Adsync360

Path51 began as a marketing product for the second screen, also called, TV Sync. A service that was already advancing multi-device advertising possibilities.
Gradually, and due to its success, we started focusing more on real-time marketing such as sports synchronization, weather, pollen level in the environment, television content based on subtitles, facial recognition, etc.

Path 51 announces five new clients and TV attribution tool

Advertising platform Path 51 has announced five new client wins including 7-Eleven, Open Universities Australia, Now Finance, Mortgage Choice and NAB.

The wins come shortly after the platform launched its TV attribution tool, allowing advertisers to automatically see how a radio or TV ad affects digitaL […]

Tech Is The Future, But Where Does That Leave Media Planners?

It’s a sobering thought, particularly across an agency landscape that has for so long been dominated by the thought that the strength of an agency can always be boiled down completely to its people. This is definitely not the case anymore. One of the biggest selling points these days is the bespoke tools and proprietary technologies that agencies can offer their clients.

New technologies can and are making advertising experiences more palatable across publisher platforms. […]

Path 51 helps brands serve ads to a consumer’s second screen while they watch TV

The stereotype goes that it’s millennials who have a short attention span and can’t go five minutes watching TV without picking up their smartphone, but stats show most people are guilty: a 2015 report from Accenture found that 87 percent of consumers frequently use another device while watching television.

Like the online publishing industry has despaired the rise of the adblocker, brands advertising on TV have worried about the rise of the second screen. […]

Tv ad sync technology

A growing concern for many businesses advertising on television is losing viewers during ad breaks, when they are likely to turn to their mobile phones.

But a new advertising company thinks it has a technology to combat this.

By integrating with Facebook and Google data, Path 51 launches second screen ads that sync in real time with TV and radio commercials. […]

Ad Industry Throws Its Support Behind New Technology Path 51


The new technology has doubled the conversion rates for many clients and has generated intense interest from advertisers and agencies alike.

Pictured: Path 51 general manager Simon Larcey […]

Mazda testimonial

Mazda Automóviles España, S.A., as a brand always looking for a competitive advantage through technology and innovation, were excited to trial igniteclick. Having the ability to converge TV and digital was an interesting idea that we were eager to test . We saw a substantial increase in web traffic and a much greater conversion rate […]

Dick Smith try’s a new path

Dick Smith Electronics, one of Australia’s leading electronic retailers, has launched their first campaign using igniteclick. Dick Smith Electronics ran advertising across Facebook and did back to back campaigns comparing a igniteclick campaign against a standard “always on” campaign […]