Dick Smith try’s a new path

Dick Smith Electronics, one of Australia’s leading electronic retailers, has launched their first campaign using igniteclick. Dick Smith Electronics ran advertising across Facebook and did back to back campaigns comparing a igniteclick campaign against a standard “always on” campaign.

Results have shown that the campaign using igniteclick doubled the conversion rate and those responding to a igniteclick campaign spent 33% more than those from the “always on” campaign.

Simon Larcey – GM of igniteclick said “The results speak for themselves – since the day we decided to create igniteclick we knew it was going to produce some outstanding advertising results. Connecting traditional broadcast media with digital is long overdue. We can now start to help brands and agencies capitalise from this new opportunity and work with them to develop a series of case studies.

igniteclick has already signed up a range of market leading brands and is due to start running multiple campaigns in Q1 2016.